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Age 2 & Under - Infants and young children need a clean and inclusive environment to begin exploring the world around them. We provide all the support and tools young children need to learn, grow, and form solid educational foundations.


Early Care And Education Programs For 3 Months To 12 Years Old

Hope Rising Child Learning Center endeavors to create a nurturing environment that support positive life and educational experiences for the children and families in all communities in which we operate.

Our program include a research based curriculum, art, music & creative movement, Spanish, computer labs, field trips, etc. It also includes Before & After school care with transportation for local schools, extended hours at select locations, and outdoor play spaces.


Age 3 to 5 years - Children of preschool-age are gaining independence and developing rapidly. We provide a balance between cultivating preschool-age children and enhancing the exploration of the world around them, while carefully guiding children toward the more structured classroom experiences ahead.


Age 5 to 12 years Afterschool - As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges. That’s why we offer enrichment programs Before and After school and Summer Camps that address the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age.

"Children Are Our Future And We Look Forward In Sharing The Future With Them"

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